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2023 Tax Questionnaire
1.) Is your address the same as last year?
2.) Are your dependents the same as last year?
3.) Did you purchase, sell or refinace a property in 2023? If so, please send us the closing disclosure.
4.) Did you incur dependent care expenses for 2023?
5.) Did you use your vehicle for your self-employed business activity? If so, please provide Make, Model, Total Miles and Business Miles.
6.) Did you make any non-cash donations in 2023? If so, please send us receipts that include date, organization and estimated value of donation.
7.) Did you make estimated tax payments in 2023? If so, please provide the dates and amounts of each payment below.
9.) Do you have foreign accounts?
10.) Have you engaged in any transactions involving crypto-currency or NFTs?
11.) Should your return reflect a tax refund, would you like it to be direct deposited? If so, please provide Bank Name, Account Number and Routing Number

If you received an Identity Protection PIN from the IRS, please provide this information to enable us to e-file your return  Individuals receive a letter from the IRS every January with their new IP PIN for that calendar year.


Please enter PIN below or upload the letter with your other tax documents via our upload option on our homepage.

Success! Thank your for submitting the 2023 tax questionnaire.

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